The Story Of Phoenix




Well, hi my name is Daven and my friend's name is Bryan, but his nickname(which we always call him) is Oson. We are two 9 year old(well now 20) Christian kids(or adults). Anyways, my dad died a few days after I was born, but I believe he's still out there. My mom is still alive, but unchristian. Oson, he well... his parents were assassinated the day he was born. My mom found him on that day and took him as a new family member, and we grew up as two brothers. That's where my adventure begins...

CHAPTER 1: The Day of Destruction


One day Oson and I were sleeping peacefully in our room when suddenly our mom came rushing in yelling, "There's a bombing wake up, get to the shed!" .We rushed up and ran as fast as possible to the shed. When Oson and I noticed that we forgot our most prized possessions, my dad's locket with a "Key of Christ"(or a key shaped like a cross which would unlock something)and Oson's parents' cross necklace, we ran back with our mom yelling at us. We got our stuff and ran back, but it seemed like time stopped. A light from heaven came down and struck us. Then what seemed to be a very special bomb, which traveled by a stream of energy, came down and hit us. Both of our possessions acted as a shield, but either way the explosion was so big it covered the whole Earth, and this is just the beginning...


CHAPTER 2: The Two Heroes of Christ


When the explosion happened the Earth went out of control. We were knocked out, but we were the only survivors, as the earth went out of control 11 years later. It crashed into an alien world (and there the aliens were almost humans themselves). Their planet was ten times bigger than the sun. It didn't make much of a difference to the planet, but when it crashed some rocks caved in on us, but stayed stable. We, both being Christians, thanked God for the rocks' stability. We followed the trail of rocks, where we found my dad's locket and Oson's cross necklace. We saw a fork in the path, but a shadowy creature appeared and said, "Hello my name is O.D. Would you like some riches? If so go the left way." We were going to go to the left path, but a voice said, "Stop! Don't do it, it's a trap!" So, we said, "No", and went ahead.

We reached a cliff and thought we should go back, but then the voice said, "Stop Daven, take your key of Christ and Oson, take the cross off of your necklace", so we did. "Now, hold your crosses in the air and strike the ground with them". When we took our crosses and held them in the air two holy lights struck them, and the aliens watched in amazement. A big shockwave of light came out of the crosses. While up in the sky, one cloud, which was a perfect image of Jesus on the cross, was straight above us. The crosses grew, and we struck the ground with them when they were full size and the cliff cracked. We started to walk back, and the cracks on my side had blue energy going through them, but yellow on Oson's side. The voice said, "And finally spread your legs and reach for the sky", and we did. A GIANT blue energy phoenix came out of the ground behind me, while a GIANT yellow energy bald eagle with a white energy head came out behind Oson. They went into us with a huge shockwave. The cliff went down, but we were high in the air when they started falling. We were the two heroes of Christ; Phoenix and Bald-Eagle-Man


Chapter 3: The Enemy


While we were in the air, we had not fully realized our powers. We flew down to the barren landscape where it seemed the aliens could speak English! They told us to follow them to their city, and we did. We were surprised they had far superior technology than us! We went to their training area to test our new abilities. The training area had state of the art technology and a training simulator. The mysterious voice guided us, and we learned of our new abilities, like a special shock wave to stun our enemies, an energy swipe, an energy ball, a small Phoenix/Eagle which rushed to the air, screeched, and then hit the ground with a small explosion, firing small energy balls everywhere, and more! We decided to put our abilities to the test. We went to a special place which had every task for the area. The people there didn't have jobs like we did (well, except for lucky people), they had mini-tasks. So, we found the manager and spoke to him. He said to just look at a list of tasks, pointing to a large list. So, we looked around on the list and found a robbery! Unfortunately, it was too far away to get there in time. But then, the mysterious voice said to go there anyways on foot, so we did.

We started running and tried to trigger our powers. At first, nothing happened, but as we sped up, we were surrounded by energy! We passed through the city, straight to the robbery and hit the robber. He could barely move, but he still got up. Then, all of a sudden, we noticed he was a droid and was holding one of the aliens at gun point! Bald-Eagle-Man used his shock wave, and I used the little energy phoenix (now called Phoenix/Eagle rusher). Both struck him, and he fell to the ground. We destroyed him! The robber then faded away as a gust of darkness and left a medal behind stating Droid Ranger. We took the medal and then flew to the sky yelling, "The first task by the heroes of Christ!" The alien, previously held hostage, was amazed and ran as fast as possible while the others followed. We talked flying back to the task building about what happened to that guy who seemed to be a Droid Ranger without noticing anyone below us. As we were talking, we felt a force without noticing the enemy was watching. We flew back to get our reward and show the manager the medal. But at O.D's lair he was watching us, and he started sucking my power. I felt a sudden pain and fell down to the ground. Bald-Eagle-Man watched yelling, "PHOENIX!!!!", trying to get to me, but it was too late.


Chapter 4: The Cyber Hero


No one knew what to do. But, all of a sudden, a roar was heard and out of nowhere, a mysterious dragon came and saved Me. I woke up finding myself on the dragon as he roared another time. I could somehow understand what he was saying. "Where do you want to go?", he said. So I told him, "Back to the Task Center." We then rode all the way back and when we stopped at the task center, I went inside and showed the manager the medal. Amazed, the manager gave me an extra pay for the amulet of $100.00. The alien who followed us back earlier offered his guest rooms for us to sleep in. was our only choice, but as we were going inside, a dark portal appeared and spit out enemies.



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